Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome to the Underhanded Economist

This blog is about economics. I'm not an economist, but that should not deter me of writing about it, because economics or -- as it used to be known by -- political economy is not a science. It's rather more politics than economics, and on the politics of economics I am quite opinionated. Don't get me started!

I'll write mostly in German since I'm chiefly interested in the economical debate in Switzerland, but as my beef is particularly with trickle-down supply-side economics (aka neo-liberalism in Europe) whose influence and failure is global, I'll also occasionally write in English. Like now.

So what is it about economics that gets people, including myself, so upset? The best explanation I can find is also the best definition of economics in 6 words that I've ever encountered (here): Economics is the rationalization of injustice. It is based on assumptions that either don't make any sense or have proven to be wrong. Economists have indeed been wrong so often and still obstinately refuse to give up their refuted theories that you're more likely right than wrong if you just disbelief everything economists say. For all that and much more I'll provide evidence in the coming blog posts. Stay tuned!

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